In general, taking Genacol joint care supplements is safe for your health. Our natural products are manufactured in certified pharmaceutical factories, ensuring that they exceed the highest industry standards thanks to strict quality control guidelines and third-party testing. Nevertheless, we get a few questions regarding the potential side effects of taking Genacol supplements or their contraindications. Let’s address these topics in this article to help you.

Gluten-free products

Let’s point out that the Genacol line is gluten-free. People who are sensitive to gluten or who suffer from celiac disease can therefore consume them to take advantage of the benefits of collagen, particularly for joint health.

Potential side effects  

Furthermore, taking Genacol products does not cause any significant adverse effects with the standard recommended dose. Nevertheless, mild gastrointestinal disturbances are possible, such as bloating. Nausea or abdominal cramps can occur in much rarer cases, but no specific effect is listed. Note that these side effects can occur with the consumption of other natural products or supplements. These are also infrequent and usually resolve themselves within a few days.

What to do in case of mild gastrointestinal disturbances?

In case of gastrointestinal symptoms related to the use of Genacol supplements, lowering the daily dose for a few days allows the body to get used to this new supplement and then gradually return to the recommended daily dose according to the improvement of symptoms.

Contraindications & drug interactions

It is also necessary to address the possible drug interactions when taking Genacol joint care supplements. But first, there are no known drug interactions with Genacol Original Formula and Genacol Joint & Mobility.

For the other products in our line, some of the active ingredients combined with our AminoLock Collagen could cause drug interactions. In that case, we recommend that you go over your list of medications with your pharmacist to eliminate any risk of drug interaction with some ingredients other than AminoLock Collagen or Natural Eggshell Membrane.

There are specific contraindications to certain Genacol products. To learn more about each product’s contraindications and possible drug interactions, please consult the interior label of the chosen product, our specific page of this product or our FAQs.

If in doubt, consult a health care professional 

As for any supplement or natural product, it is preferable to speak with a health care professional before consuming it regularly. Based on your specific health condition, your medical problems and the medications or other supplements you take, your health care professional will ensure that it is entirely safe for you to consume Genacol joint care supplements.

Our website is also full of information. Do not hesitate to consult our articles in our “Health Blog” section, which contains a lot of information on our Collagen AminoLock and its benefits for joint health. Technical information on each of our natural supplements is also available in our website’s “Products” section.

Our Customer Service team is also always there and more than happy to help you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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