If there is one positive thing that came out of the pandemic that we have been going through for more than 2 years, it is the importance we have put on our physical and psychological well-being. This phenomenon was in fact brought to light by an extensive study of consumer habits conducted by GWI, an audience-targeting company that studies consumer behaviour around the world. Here are some results highlighted in this study.

A desire to take charge of their well-being

Given the effects of the pandemic, the way of life for many of us has slowed down. Moreover, the great uncertainty that reigned during the first few months of confinement had us looking at small gestures that we can adopt on a daily basis to promote our physical health and our psychological well-being. It is indeed normal, when facing an uncertain situation, to look for ways to stay safe and healthy.

Therefore, we can say that this has resulted in greater awareness of our physical and psychological state. The report recently published by GWI revealed that more and more consumers are putting together a “health toolbox” of sorts. They are now focusing on prevention and on the actions. The pandemic has shown us that nothing can be taken for granted…

What’s in people’s “Health Toolbox”?

GWI asked consumers what they are doing more to manage their physical and mental health. Below we look at the major actions consumers are taking to promote their physical health.

To manage physical health:

48% of respondents said they were making healthier food choices than they did before the pandemic.

48% say they have increased their level of physical activity.

41% say they are paying more attention to the quality of their sleep.

say they are taking more vitamins and supplements.

28% have increased their time spent outdoors, in the fresh air.


To access the full study, click here.

Genacol supplements: a natural solution for preventing joint discomfort

In light of the data, we find that about one-third of study respondents said they used supplements and vitamins more to support their well-being. This demonstrates that consumers, concerned about their physical health, are increasingly looking for natural solutions to promote it. But beware! Consumers are not easily fooled, and they are looking for proven solutions.

Well, we firmly believe that people who suffer from joint discomfort should make taking Genacol supplements part of their routine. All of our joint health supplements contain our exclusive AminoLock Collagen. Clinical studies show that it helps to maintain healthy joints and thus reduces joint discomfort over time.

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If you have joint discomfort, do not wait any longer and add Genacol joint care supplements to your health and well-being toolbox!

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