At the turn of the millennia, Genacol developed its world-renowned patent-pending Aminolock® Collagen. The unique technology, while being the envy of the competition, but still unrivalled and unequalled, minimizes the molecular weight of collagen to maximize health benefits to joints.

The Aminolock® Collagen that is used in all of our products is created at an American laboratory located in the state of Mississippi, and is well established for quality and purity. Genacol only uses bovine-sourced collagen because its amino acid sequence most closely resembles that of human collagen, a key factor in allowing for optimal absorption and results.

The entire range of Genacol products, through the well-considered combination of ingredients, are designed to ensure and maintain healthy joints. The integrated components, which include glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and several other minerals, have a combined beneficial effect that allows a better absorption by the body.

The laboratories that manufacture our complete range of products are all pharmaceutical grade. They meet, and surpass, all standards governed by the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Our quality control criteria respect the most rigorous standards in the industry.
Genacol exclusively designs and manufactures all of the products, setting a high bar without equal in the category.
Genacol products are available in both liquid and capsule form.

As a global leader in joint health, Genacol continues to innovate by developing new products while remaining faithful to its criteria of excellence, and refusing to compromise on the quality of the ingredients used in its products.

Since the beginning, Genacol is proud of the loyalty we have been shown by our clientele, who have a 92% renewal rate on purchases, showing an unwavering confidence in us. Our motto is: we are commited to always offer the best product possible.

Guy Michaud, Genacol’s Founder, is the architect behind the best collagen for joint health on the market! In October 2000, he created Genacol Group Inc, and its  first product, Genacol Original Formula, was launched. Guy made his dream come true by creating acompany that helps individuals lead healthier lives in anatural way. Guy Michaud loves what he does and is also happily married and the proud father of three sons, and…a cat. His three sons and wife have all been involved in the family business since day one. Guy is also extremely active in the community. Just recently, he toured seniors’ residences to provide free entertainment as a singer, another one of his passions. This was followed by the distribution of his CD, which he gave to all who were present.

After more than 16 years of success, the Genacol brand is now a well-established leader in the natural health industry. Further to this, the company is very proud of its global presence, helping people in more than 40 countries, and making Genacol the number one joint health company in the world.

Genacol is elated to be the proud Award-Winner in 2017 and for the fifth consecutive year of Consumer Choice Award in the joint health product category for the Canada region.